Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Additions...

SURPRISE! I'm blogging two days in a's a miracle! : ) I wanted to share several of our new additions, both to home and family. Although I will be providing commentary, I think the pictures speak louder than words. Enjoy!

In an effort to renovate our backyard, we had to remove all the rocks. Little did we know that this would be an ENORMOUS feat! After 20+ loads of rock, we were finally ready to put in grass seed. From this picture you can see the new garden fence and gate (that Aaron helped put up), as well as our new four-wheeler and dump trailer.
Another view of our new four-wheeler. And check out that monstrous rock in the dump trailer! It was so heavy that I had to roll it over to the trailer!

 Here's another look at the garden fence and gate. We originally used a piece of wire to secure the gate, but now we have a nice latch on it.

Yay for Edmund and the four-wheeler!

 Here are some new plant additions. I planted pansies and violas in the backyard several weeks ago. Thankfully they stand up to the cold well...because it snowed yesterday!

Here's the yard...all spick and span! Ready to plant!

We had visitors a few weeks ago....California Quail!

And finally, our new family additions...chickens! We bought two pullets (female chicks) at the local hardware store. Boba - LEFT - (whom Aaron named after the Star Wars bounty hunter that catches Hans Solo) is a cross between a Rhode Island White and a Rhode Island Red. Gweny - RIGHT - is a cross between a Rhode Island Red and another breed...sorry I can't remember. They are much bigger now, of course. I will have to post updated pictures soon!

Here's Boba (or Miss B as I like to call her) and Gweny again. Oh and they will be getting more company soon! We plan on getting two Rhode Island Red chicks in mid-May. We'll raise them separately and then introduce them to Boba and Gweny. Do you have any ideas for the new chicks' names?! 

I'll try to keep you all updated on the chicken coop and hen house in future posts. 
It's still a work in progress...

Just a few more pictures...
I bought this bouquet of roses for myself the other day! I couldn't resist...for only $2.50, I thought it was a stellar deal!

Edmund and I went for a walk the other day and I took my camera along. This picture reminds me of the white, fluffy clouds that we used to get all the time in Spokane (where we used to live). I also love how you can see for miles and miles. Although I grew up in a mountainous region, I still enjoy the beauty of the desert prairies.

And the last addition is our new raspberry patch!  Mom helped me dig up starters at Grandma's house and then Aaron helped me plant them! We added two posts (one on either end) from which we will hang a perpendicular piece of wood and two sets of wires. Once the plants get taller and fuller, we will then be able to drape them over or wrap them around the wires and control which way we want them to grow.

Well that's all folks! I'll be back sometime next week with another blog post!

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