Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures in Mountain Home

So, my husband had about a week off to do "house-hunting" business and we decided to take a few adventures while he had the spare time! Surprisingly, there's a lot to do around Mountain Home...

We visited the Bruneau Sand Dunes, which are only 20-25 minutes away. They are the tallest still-standing sand dunes in North America and yes...we climbed to the top of them. And while I could jabber on about how amazing they were or how difficult it was to climb them...I'm sure the pictures will do it much better justice!

We climbed to the top of the peak of the largest sand dune on the right.

This is the view from the top of the sand dune.

My husband and Edmund (our great pyrenees) sitting atop the largest sand dune in North America!

On my way to the very top!

As much as I hate how I look in this picture, I think Aaron's creativity of capturing Edmund in the picture was worth noting...

Edmund and his "bear-claws" as he sits perched over the crest of the sand dune. He was getting tired of sliding down the side of the dune every time he tried to lay down... :)

Another beautiful view!

My handsome hubby posing for the camera...aka...hating the fact that I had taken more than 2 photos of him. :)

We also stumbled upon Anderson Dam/Reservoir and the river that flows from it. The trail head we took was only 15-20 minutes from town, but we drove for almost an hour before we stumbled onto a huge canyon with a creek at the bottom. It grew and grew until it became a river and then we came upon the dam. I was surprised by how many fishermen and rafters were out floating the seemed like quite the popular spot! And the dam was HUGE with a overflow system that looked like a giant concrete slide. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera (...I know...*gasp*). So...I found a random google picture to use instead.

Ugh...this picture definitely doesn't do the place justice. It was much greener and appealing. Oh well, that's all for now folks!

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